Thank YOU for our $5,000 Matching Gift Challenge!

John Kinney— a longtime supporter of Not So Churchy— challenged us to a matching gift of $5,000. And in five days we did it! WE DID IT! We raised $10,000!

And so this afternoon we take a deep breath and thank all of you for your contributions to our $50,000 goal, and for all the ways that you have supported our individual community members. We are feeling the love! 

Here's the list, as of September 29, 2017. And if we misspelled your name, or missed it somehow or another, please accept our apologies in advance, and let us know.

Thank you to: 

Eric Adamcik
David Ashby
Emily Ballou
Hannah Barnard
Matthew Beams
Michael Beams
Nicole Becker
Jill Berg
Ashley Birt
Evan Bjornen
Dan Blackford
Amanda Bluglass
Vincent Bowen
Leslianne Braunstein
Emily Brewer
Jeremy Campbell
Molly Casteel
Betany Coffland
Darryl Commings
Chris DeLaCruz
Emily DeTar
Julia Dillon
Matthew Dimick
Dale Dimick
Shelley Donaldson and Tara Thompson
Jane Donnelly
Andrea Dougherty
Kevin Duffy
Wendi Dunlap
Suzanne Dunn
Amy Eberhardt
Janet Edwards
Jana Fisher
Cybele Gouverneur
Kristy Graf
Heather Gross
Karla Grotting
Aden Hakimi
Susan Hall
Warren Hall
David Handelman
Peter  Heller
Tracy Hobson
Carol Hondlik
Joan Horton
Timothy Ilch
Henriette Keulemans
John Kinney
Elizabeth Kohen
Larissa Kwong Abazia
John LaBella
Joshua Lanz
Douglas Larson
Kyle Lasky-Kutten
Bob, Amber and Lucy Lawson
Amy Lopez-Cepero
Margo Lopez-Cepero
Meg Lopez-Cepero
Chloe Lyon
Suzanne Hoffman-Neglia
Margo Lowenstein
Margaret Lukens
Peter Macari
S Macari Elmer
Sarah Mariel
Amelia Mattocks
Alex McNeill
Benjamin Mead
Jayson Mena
Michael Miller
Abigail Mohaupt
Sarah Morgan
Charlotte Moroz
Angela Morris
Paul Mowry
David Murad
Brianna Murphy
Louisa and Steve Mygatt
Louise Mygatt
Polly Mygatt
Rob Mygatt
Laura Pattillo
Chris Peet
Julie Price
Cheryl Pyrch
Ann Raffel
Philip Raleigh
Tim and Barb Rand
Katie Reimer
Barbara Riihimaki
Nicholas Ruiz
Holly Sarkissian
Emily Scott
JoAnne Sharp
Chris Shelton
Eric and Autumn Shepherd
Jake Slichter
Tim Smith
Kathryn Snyder
Elizabeth  Snyder
Constance Sobczak
Hannah Soldner
Eugene Spangenberg
Robert Stevens
Herb and Becky Stevens
Ike Sturm
Spril Swe
Peter Szabo
Elizabeth Taggart
Amaury Tañon-Santos and Jeanette Elias
Karen Tappis
Martha Tecca
Ryan Thoreson
Heather Tolley
Tanya Van Sant
Paul VanDeCarr
Mieke Vandersall
Max and Myra Vandersall
Paul Vasile
Luis Vivaldi
Karen Walter
Erin Weber-Johnson
Kit Wilson
Katherine Wolf
Dina Wolkoff
Shannon Wright
Sally Wright
Darren Zawojski

Want to see your name on this list? Give here!