Not So Churchy is a nonprofit organization through the generosity of our fiscal sponsor, Astoria First Presbyterian Church.

Thank you to our 2017 donors who make our community life possible! Check out our 2017 annual report!


I love Not So Churchy and I know that recurring donations are where it's at. Help me set one up?

Sure! Go to our donate page and sign up. You can create your own account so you can manage your donation amount and track your giving.

Recurring Donations


Not So Churchy is so valuable to me, and I really just want to make a one-time donation. 

Great! Thank you! You can do that right now!

One-Time Donation

I have some extra cash. Does Not So Churchy need it? Can I throw it in your offering basket?

If you consider Venmo as our offering basket — then sure! Find us at @notso-churchy and imagine the sound of coins hitting the bottom of the piggy bank as you press send.


I think it is fun to send gifts, cause who doesn't love that? 

We love presents! And we have a wish list just for that on Amazon. Yeah for presents!