Not So Churchy is a spiritual community created by and for those who have been hurt and stifled by the traditional church. 

As a community, we are queer.

We are lesbian, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, queer, and cis-straight allies. We bring all of ourselves, the stuff we like and the stuff we aren’t so sure of. We affirm everyone just as they are, while stretching ourselves to grow into our values. 

As a community, we queer church.

We worship in ways that are different and diverse. As we lift up our questions and doubts, we reject binaries. We look for God’s word in the authority of our lived experience and celebrate the image of God in ourselves and each other. We come together to learn, and we value collaborative improvisation over perfectly-executed mastery.

There is always laughter.

Each gathering is a little bit different, created with care and for the moment.

There is space for change, room to grow, and an experience unlike any other.

We thrive when we are connected, but not too connected, to the traditional church. We are artists, community activists, and musicians. We are adults and kids. We are human. 

We are Not So Churchy.