It takes the whole community for Not So Churchy to run smoothly.

It takes the whole community for Not So Churchy to run smoothly. Thank you for your leadership! If you are a core musical team member, guest musician, or community member, this is the place to find all the resources you will need.

Musical and Worship Leadership

Each time we gather provides a unique opportunity for exploration and creativity. We value improvisation and opening space for the unexpected. This kind of freedom, we have found, is best cultivated with a bit of curation. Therefore we created leadership guidelines to provide context and structure for your creative process.

Volunteer Leadership

Each gathering requires three volunteers. Please sign up early and often. Thank you for helping our community run smoothly! 

Brief description of volunteer roles:

Song Leader

This person arrives at 5:15 to practice with the musicians. You will prepare one simple song and participate in the creation of the musical arc. Soon there will be a group of songs for you to choose from, or you can write your own. Regardless, during rehearsal, our musical group will help you teach and lead the song you choose.

To prepare, you may want to read about the spirituality of songleading as you prepare (this was written for our friends at St. Lydia's but the theory behind how we do what we do applies to us as well. In addition, the leadership guidelines will be helpful to review as you make your choice. 


This person arrives at 6:40 to welcome people. You will also invite prayers during the service. Mieke will give you the structure to the prayers when you arrive.

Clean Up

This person coordinates a brief clean up, counts the money, and updates our reporting form. Once you have agreed to be the clean up person, you will need to bring up this reporting document on your phone and fill it out at the end of the night. Mieke will also provide the clean-up task list when you arrive.